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Asa the Batcat is another fanmade Krypto the Superdog character.


Asa is a Russian Blue kitten. She has a long tail and wears a blue bat-like cowl , a bright yellow collar with a giant yellow and black bat as a tag, and a scalloped blue cape. As a normal house cat, she has green eyes and three long whiskers on each cheek.


She's very friendly to the characters of the Krypto the Superdog series but always hatred to villains. She's really good at making combat. She sometimes works alone but she always loves crimefighting with Ace the Bat-Hound.



Ace first meets Asa in the episode "Batcat Begins". She was usually a stray kitten. That night, Ace's enemy, Isis has placed her on a busy street full of vehicles but Ace rescued her. The next day, she was then adopted by Barbara Gordon (Batgirl) when Asa ran into her when Barbara was walking through the park with her father Comissioner James Gordon. Barbara then trains Asa to be a crimefighting pet because of Bat-Hound's enemies on the loose. Asa then owes Ace and became his partner since Ace saved her life long ago but Ace sometimes want her out of his hair (just like he does with Robbie the Robin) because he works alone, but he shows respect to her when she's always out fighting crime with him.

Krypto and Streaky

Asa is friends with Krypto the Superdog and Streaky the Supercat. She first meets the two when Ace had them babysit her when he was on a dangerous mission to fight The Bad News Birds until he gets back. Minutes later she was kidnapped by The Bad News Birds. Krypto and Streaky rescued her and Ace then finds the birds and defeated them.

Hot Dog

Asa is friends with Hot Dog. They first met in "Bat-Hound Meets The Dog Stars". Asa wanted to stay with Hot Dog and The Dog Stars for one night. Krypto and Ace accepted it and went off. At that night, Hot Dog and Asa had been kidnapped by Snooky Wookums to use Hot Dog's heat energy and to date Asa. The next day, Ace, Krypto and Bull Dog stopped Snooky and rescued Hot Dog and Asa.

Snooky Wookums

Asa first met Snooky in "Bat-Hound Meets The Dog Stars". Although they are enimies, Snooky developed a crush on her. When Asa realizes this, she thinks it is unacceptable but inside she kind of likes him.


Krypta and Asa are best friends. They first met in "The Dark Hound Strikes" when they were defeating Bud and Lou. They now sometimes work together because they think that they are perfect for teamwork.


Asa and Squeaky are friends. Asa has a secret that she develops a crush on him but she kept that secret.

Robbie the Robin

Asa first met Robbie the Robin in "Bat-Hound and the Robin". They fight a lot on who's better at being the sidekick of Bat-Hound, but inside they like each other as friends.

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