Chelsea is a fanmade Krypto the Superdog character.


Chelsea is a beautiful, headstrong, smart, over-ambitious, brave, tough, and well, heroic, female dog who, like Krypto, leads a double life as a domestic pet and a superhero defending the city. She works under the superhero name of "Astro-dog".


She's a purple Afgan Hound who looks almost exactly the same as Brainy Barker. The only differance is their eye color. Whilst Brainy barker has pea green eyes, Chelsea has sapphire blue eyes, with about 16 medium-long eyelashes on each eye. She wears a neon-green coulored collar with a pink star on it, a mask to protect her identity( but due to his x-ray vision, Krypto knows that Chelsea is Astro-dog), a neon-green cape with a pink star in the middle which has a big A on it, leg wraps round her front legs. But when she poses as a domestic pet, she wears a pink, rinestone-studded collar with a rinestone-decorated star on the front. She also wears a plastic star on the base of her tail, which is different depending on the episode. For example,in the special "Melanie's monkey", the star is purple in color, and in "Top Dog", it's electric blue. Chelsea also has Kryptonian and telepathic/telekinetic powers. The only differance is that where Krypto is weak to Kryptonite, Chelsea isn't, due to the fact that before she made an appearance on the show, it is said that she was hit one of Snooky's multiplication rays, and Krypto's and Brainy's powers were copied into her. Although Kevin wanted to adopt her, she already has an owner, named Lila, who Kevin has a crush on.