The series has 48 episodes, most of which have two stories bringing the total number of segments to 96. Three of the episodes (1, 26 and 48) which open the series and conclude the two seasons (the first having 26 episodes, the second having 12) are one story divided into two parts.

  1. 1a Krypto's Scrypto part 1
  2. 1b Krypto's Scrypto part 2
  3. 2a Super-Flea
  4. 2b A Bug's Strife
  5. 3a Meet the Dog Stars
  6. 3b The Streaky Story
  7. 4a Diaper Madness
  8. 4b Feline Fatale
  9. 5a Dog-Gone Kevin
  10. 5b The Dark Hound Strikes!
  11. 6a My Pet Boy
  12. 6b Dem Bones
  13. 7a Bat Hound for a Day
  14. 7b Dogbot
  15. 8a Old Dog, New Tricks
  16. 8b Talk to the Animals
  17. 9a My Uncle, the Superhero
  18. 9b Top Dog
  19. 10a Puss in Space Boots
  20. 10b Teeny Tiny Trouble
  21. 11a Dogbot to the Rescue
  22. 11b Bad Bailey
  23. 12a Bat Hound's Bad Luck
  24. 12b Circus of the Dog Stars
  25. 13a The Living End
  26. 13b The Dog Days of Winter
  27. 14a Bad Hair Day
  28. 14b The Cat and the Bat
  29. 15a Melanie's Monkey
  30. 15b Funny Business
  31. 16a Now You See Him...
  32. 16b Bones of Contention
  33. 17a Superdog? Who's Superdog?
  34. 17b The Good Life
  35. 18a Streaky's Supercat Tale
  36. 18b The New Recruit
  37. 19a Up, up and Away
  38. 19b Dinosaur Time
  39. 20a Puppy Problems
  40. 20b Switching Sides
  41. 21a Leaf of Absence
  42. 21b Big Sister
  43. 22a Bat Hound Meets the Dog Stars
  44. 22b A Dog's Life
  45. 23a Stray for a Day
  46. 23b Ruffled Feathers
  47. 24a Bat Hound and The Robin
  48. 24b Furry Fish
  49. 25a Tusky's Tooth
  50. 25b When Penguins Fly
  51. 26a Storybook Holiday part 1
  52. 26b Storybook Holiday part 2 (season 1 end)
  53. 27a Kid's in Capes (season 2 begin)
  54. 27b Attack of the Virtual Vegetables
  55. 28a Mechani-Bot
  56. 28b Stretch-O-Mutt to the Rescue
  57. 29a Growing Pains
  58. 29b K-9 Crusader
  59. 30a Andrea Finds Out
  60. 30b Magic Mutts
  61. 40a Reptile Round-Up
  62. 40b Streaky's Field Trip
  63. 41a Pied Pussycat Piper
  64. 41b Solar Specs
  65. 42a Too Many Cooks!
  66. 42a Join the Club
  67. 43a Bailey's Back
  68. 43b Streaky's Inner Struggle
  69. 44a Face Time
  70. 44b Catopia
  71. 45a The Parrot and the Pirates
  72. 45b Robbie's Return
  73. 46a Revolt of the Beavers
  74. 46b Invasion From the Planet Peanut
  75. 47a Mechanikalamity
  76. 47b Barrumpbarrump
  77. 48a Iguanukkah part 1
  78. 48b Iguanukkah part 2

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