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Hot Dog






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Trevor Devall

Hot Dog is a character in Krypto the Superdog and a member of The Dog Star Patrol. He is a red Dachshund who can generate heat from his body and breath fire. He tends to be ill-tempered and sarcastic but is usually a good team player. He loves to cook and eat hot dogs.

Power and AbilitiesEdit

  • Alien Physiology: Hot Dog is an alien from another planet who has the power to control fire.
    • Pyrokinesis: Due to his natural temperature, Hot Dog can manipulate the fire that comes off and out of his body. He has complete control over that and any other fire.
    • Thermokinesis: Hot Dog can actively heat up and cool down his body though he never chooses to cool it down unless scolded to.
    • Thermal Blast: Hot Dog can project his fire outwards into great blasts of flame.


  • Rage: Hot Dog can be easily angered.
  • Water & Extreme Cold Temperatures: A natural weakness to put fire out.



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