A Bug's StrifeAce the Bat-HoundAlan Burnett
AlbertAlligatorAndrea Finds Out
Andrea SussmanArtieAsa the Batcat
Bababooey!!!Bababooey!!!!!!Bad Bailey
Bad Hair DayBaileyBailey's Back
BarneyBarrump BarrumpBarrumpbarrump
Bat Hound's Bad LuckBat Hound Meets the Dog StarsBat Hound and The Robin
Bat Hound for a DayBeaneBeazel
BeppoBig SisterBlackbeak
BlazeBones of ContentionBrad Garrett
Brainy BarkerBrainy Barker/GalleryBrian Drummond
Bud and LouBull DogBull Dog/Gallery
Carlos AlazraquiCatopiaCharacters
ChelseaCircus of the Dog StarsComet the Super-Horse
DelilahDem BonesDiaper Madness
Dinosaur TimeDirtbotDog-Gone Kevin
Dog Stars' ShipDogbotDogbot (Character)
Duplicating RayElephantElimated
Ellen KennedyEpisodesEye of Bad Luck
Eye of Good LuckFace TimeFeline Fatale
Funny BusinessFurry FishGiraffe
Green KryptoniteGriffHilary
Hot DogHot Dog/GalleryIgnatius
Invasion From the Planet PeanutIsisIwao Takamoto
Jesse Leon McCannJimmy the RatJoin the Club
Jumping JackK-9 CrusaderKathleen barr
KatyKelly SheridanKevin's dad
Kevin's momKevin WhitneyKid's in Capes
Krypta the SuperpupKrypto's RocketKrypto's Scrypto
Krypto the SuperdogKrypto the Superdog (TV Series)Krypto the Superdog Theme Song
Krypto the Superdog WikiLailaLee Tockar
Lex LuthorLionMagic Mutts
Mammoth MuttMammoth Mutt/GalleryMark Oliver
Mechani-BotMechanikatMeet the Dog Stars
Melanie's MonkeyMelanie WhitneyMertin the Magnificent
Metropolis Zoo AnimalsMichael DobsonMonkey
MutsyMy Pet BoyNikki
Now You See Him...Old Dog, New TricksP
Paul DiniPaw PoochPaw Pooch/Gallery
Peter KelamisPie-ratsPied Pussycat Piper
PrincessPuffPuff Kitty
Puppy ProblemsPuppy RayPuss in Space Boots
RamoneRed KryptoniteReptile Round-Up
Revolt of the BeaversRhinocerosRobbie's Return
Robbie the RobinRosieRuffled Feathers
S.T.A.R. LabsSamuel VincentScott McNeil
Scott ShawScratchy Clipper ClawsSmokey
SmokySnooky WookumsSolar Specs
SqueakyStorybook HolidayStray for a Day
Streaky's Supercat TaleStreaky the SupercatStretch-O-Mutt
Super-FleaSuper FleaSuperdog? Who's Superdog?
SupermanSwiftySwitching Sides
Tabitha St. GermainTail TerrierTail Terrier/Gallery
Talk to the AnimalsTeeny Tiny TroubleTeleporter
The Bad News BirdsThe Cannery CatsThe Cat and the Bat
The Dark Hound Strikes!The Dog Days of WinterThe Dog Star Patrol
The Good LifeThe Junkyard DogsThe Living End
The New RecruitThe Parrot and the PiratesThe Streaky Story
The Supercat Fan ClubThundermuttTime Machine
Too Many Cooks!Tusky's ToothTusky Husky
Tusky Husky/GalleryUp, Up and AwayW. Bababooey
WaddlesWarthogWhen Penguins Fly
Will Friedle

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